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Over 50 years of experience in food service industry

World Famous Ghost Kitchen’s ownership has over 50 years of restaurant expertise.
We are bringing business skills to the table that can help you succeed.
We have established many incredibly successful firms in a variety of areas.
Foodservice has remained dear to the owners’ hearts, and therefore,
after many years of success in the insurance, real estate, automobile, and other markets.

Our mission is to help you succeed

We’ve returned home to the business we always loved and been passionate about.

We’ve returned home to the business we always loved and been passionate about. World Famous Ghost Kitchen is a ready-to-go restaurant venture in which any chef with a desire and love for cuisine can enter and discover growth and success.

Who we partner with

The world's most complete restaurant business platform

The World Famous Ghost Kitchen is the result of a lot of hard work. We have created a complete turnkey business platform in food service, managing all of the issues so that you can focus only on the menu, food, and quality of food and standards.

This platform is intended to empower great cooks to move away from making others affluent and into company ownership of their own.

The Next Big Thing in Food Delivery

Ghost Kitchen is expected to grow rapidly, giving each tenant a real opportunity to grow with us into our next locations. This is a legitimate opportunity to start a virtual delivery restaurant with low capital and maximum return. Everything is in place and ready for your success; bring your employees, buy your food and supplies, and bring your passion and drive, and we will expand by leaps and bounds together.

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