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Ghost kitchens are commercial kitchens designed for delivery. They are located in places with a high online customer delivery radius, not heavy foot traffic. With no storefront or eating area, ghost kitchens require only a few back-of-house personnel to fulfill online orders.

In a ghost kitchen, your business focuses on delivery rather than dine-in. When customers purchase food online, you cook it in your ghost kitchen and hand it off to a fulfillment team to deliver to the proper driver. This enables restaurateurs a low-cost, high-efficiency delivery option.

Ghost kitchens help restaurants grow by streamlining delivery. The way we eat has evolved, and ghost kitchens help restaurants meet delivery demands without compromising profits. They also allow you to enter new markets without investing in a traditional restaurant buildout.

A typical $1mil business liability policy along with worker’s compensation specific to your business is required.

We have the most advanced restaurant POS system available in place and ready for you to securely utilize, but yes you may if that is important to you.

You have 24/7 access to your business as it is your business, there is a secure coded entry in place.

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